Never be late to learn these 7 lessons for life.

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Learn them now

You come across different instances in life. Some instances make you happy and some instances make you sad. Many care about these happy and sad feelings and they react to these feelings. But they forgot the valuable lessons that instances are trying to teach you. Sometimes these lessons are taught to you, but you ignore them. But never do this mistake. You may have skipped several lessons by ignoring them but never be late to learn these 7 lessons that I am going to share now.

1. Be selfish in the right way: The world is full of selfish people and even after knowing this you get into their trap in many situations. Remember that everyone thinks about WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). Most people care about what they get instead of caring about giving what’s best to the world.

When everyone around you is suffering and failing in their lives, you can’t win or enjoy. Humans are social animals and you get your happiness from your family and society. If they suffer you suffer and if they enjoy you enjoy.

Therefore, you need to become selfish in the right way by giving more to the world so that you get joy and happiness. Never think just about you. Think about everyone. Contribute as much as possible to this world and this way you become a producer and this makes you happy.

“Remember that producers are more happy than consumers.”

2. Happiness is an illusion: Everyone runs behind happiness all their lives. But this happiness is always young and never gets old but you get old and a time comes where you can’t run anymore. Happiness is temporary as long as you stick it to situations and things in your life.

Happiness is different for different people. What makes you happy may not make others happy. This meaning of happiness keeps changing with time and situations. You need to stop treating this happiness as a choice and start treating it as an opportunity.

You need to be happy all the time for no reason. This makes happiness a truth for you. This life is short and these sad situations won’t last long and you need to realize this and give up your worry and suffering. Just focus on your joyful moments alone.

“Be happy always for no reason and live more celebrating life every day.”

3. Take risks: “Why should you risk?” “Don’t take risks.” “Just do this. This is simple and comfortable.” I hope many of you heard these words from your family or relationships or others. Everybody advises you to not take risks and you follow it believing it’s true.

Even in many situations, you choose comfort over risks. Even though you want to take the risk, you don’t take it because of fear of failure and fear of criticism from people around you. But you forgot about the regrets that you are going to gain in your further life. The missed opportunities and the dreams you gave up will give you a painful life when you reach your old age.

It may not be possible for you to get those missed opportunities and accomplish your goals as you don’t have much energy and you want to relax. You always care about comfort and never took the risk, but you forgot about the painful life you get. If you had taken risks, you would have gotten a peaceful life.

“Take risks even though you don’t want to because risks make you uncomfortable and going through uncomfortable is the way to great success.”

4. Never listen to quitters: Most people are unhappy because they listen to quitters all the time. They take the advice from their family, teachers, friends, and society who did nothing great. The advice they give you is based on their perception and their perception is limited and useless for you.

If you have great perception and if you want to be great. Listen to yourself and listen to successful people. The top 1% of people who are successful do things that 99% aren’t doing. It’s easy to learn what this 1% are doing. Learn their biographies and their experiences.

They have wonderful experiences which can be lessons for you. Listen to those people and do what they do and do what you love to do. It’s a limited life and everything is temporary here and you need to experiment with several things and experience everything and earn wonderful lessons for your life.

“Stop listening to quitters and start listening to experts.”

5. Never give up fast: The reason many people fail is lack of patience. Lack of patience makes you give up so fast. When you give up, you need to understand that your time and resources are being wasted. You may give up when you don’t see results but results take time and if your idea is great, it takes more time and pain.

Grow patience in you and stay motivated all the time. Never lose hope when you don’t get results or when you are going through hard times. Your perseverance dictates your success. Keep trying without quitting. Stick longer than you think. Sometimes you have to wait for the right conditions and time.

Others may succeed with your idea if you left the process which gives you regret. Keep working on your hustles and goals until you get them accomplished. Enjoy the process and learn from your mistakes and grow your expertise. Be brave and move ahead.

“The cowards quit and the brave keep trying.”

6. Don’t judge and Don’t care judgment: The cause of sadness and loss of interest in life is because you don’t live as yourself. This happens because you keep judging others and try to build or break relationships. You can’t judge someone so easily. You are not living their life so never judge them.

Even you need to stop caring about judgment from others. You care about everyone’s judgment. Even you care judgment from people you don’t know. Even the way you dress, you eat, your job, and your entire life is built by you based on others’ judgment.

This is so sad. You have been given a beautiful life. You have great dreams. But you gave up everything for these people who even don’t care about their own dreams. This way you are living someone else’s life instead of your own life.

“Live your life and listen to your heart and do what makes you happy in this short life.”

7. Stop comparing and believe in yourself: This is one more lesson you should keep with you all the time. Never compare with others. This is not going to make you happy. You are born unique with your own strengths and weakness. But most weaknesses are learned ones.

If you keep comparing with others, you can never focus on your life. You may like someone else’s life, but you don’t know what they have gone through. The life you want like others is not so easy. You also need to go through several hardships to get what you want and this is how life works.

You need to stop comparing with others and realize that you are unique and you can do anything. Grow self-awareness and self-confidence and this makes you fall in love with yourself, which is important for mental health and joy.

“Stop comparing with other’s life and start living your own life, appreciating whatever you got in your life.”

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