Amazing lessons taught by TIME. ⏳

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“Time is the basis of how everything works in this universe. This includes even what happens in your life. Your situations, experiences, and feelings and almost from birth to death, you live with this time.”

These lessons fill you with the ultimate wisdom that unlocks your life and takes you to the next level of life. Make sure you implement these lessons without fail.

Never be idle, keep moving: Time never stops for anyone. It never stays idle or lazy. It keeps moving, irrespective of what is happening around. It keeps involved in its work without worrying about anything or anyone.

Even you need to do the same. Stop being lazy and idle in life. Keep moving forward and keep working on your goals and dreams. Don’t give up because of anyone or anything. Don’t let situations kill your dreams. Just keep working without worrying about anything.

Never wait for anything or anyone: Spending time by waiting for the right time, right things, right people is not wise. It’s better to start now instead of waiting. Sometimes your waiting may bring you pain. Sometimes you may not have the same opportunity or the same energy.

You need to focus on now and start doing what you love. There is no need to wait for anything. Waiting may kill your ideas and confidence in you. Just focus on this moment and do what you want and stop waiting.

Never think about the past: Have you ever seen a clock moving backward? The time always moves forward. It never gets stuck in the past. It only keeps moving to the future by working in the present.

You need to do the same. Never stuck in the past that’s suffering you and making you lazy. You need to work at this moment and build your future. You should forget about the past and remember the lessons it taught you. This makes you wise and helps you unstuck from your past.

Never worry about the future: Time never worries about the future. It works at this moment and it always moves into the future, which is the present, actually. If you keep worrying about the future, you can’t enjoy this moment.

Stop worrying about your future and remember to enjoy this moment. Work at this moment and the future will come however and you can’t control it. Control the way you live in this moment. Live in this moment and make the most out of it.

You don’t own time, time owns you: Most people say they have time. But that’s not true. No one has time. Time has them. You never have more time. You have a very short time and by the time you realize this you may not have your life itself. Believing the illusion that they have time. They keep postponing their desires, dreams, and works for later.

This way they ignore their several desires and dreams and they now say they don’t have time for them, which is sad. Everything in this world is owned by time. Every living and non-living entity has to dissolve in this circle of time someday.

Time owns you and you only need to learn to handle the time you got, which is limited. Realizing this helps you become free and look at your life from the right perspective.

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