You are TAMED. Find out how?

“By birth, we are primitive, wild and real but we change as we grow up because of teachings from family and society.”

You were born wild and real.
You laughed and cried heart fully.
You enjoyed your life without limits.
You never feared falling.

You never gave up easily.
You never cared judgment of others
You never worried about anything.
You lived your life, not others life.

You are not scared of failures.
You loved unconditionally and smiled genuinely.
You aren’t scared of anything and anyone.
You took risks happily.

You never tried to escape anything.
You didn’t care about social barriers.
You didn’t follow false limits.
You never tried to impress anyone.

You were always happy
You were………. a Human being…..

Then everything changed suddenly when you grew up.

You are taught several things in life that turned you from being wild and real into domesticated and fake being.

You learnt to fake your laugh and cry.

You learnt different fears that limited your mental ability and growth.

You learnt to give up easily.

You cared judgment of others, even the people you don’t know.

You worried about everything and lived someone else’s life.

You learnt that you need to impress others to survive but forgot that you will lose self-respect and you will lose yourself forever.

You are scared of failures and risks in life because of which you never worked on your bigger dreams.

You loved conditionally and smiled, which is fake.

You are scared of everything and everyone and that’s why you tried to escape more in life than facing things.

You cared about social barriers and followed false rules and beliefs that are taught to you.

You are not always happy like before. You learnt to act more in life than living.

You were real before but you aren’t real now which tells that you are no more a human being but a programmed machine who work without thinking what is right and what is wrong in many instances.

You were a human being, but you aren’t a human being anymore.

All these things tell one thing………..You were born wild and real but you are tamed…… this world.

“Be yourself. Be wild and that’s how you stay real and happy forever.”

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