Why good people are bad people in reality?

“Let me tell you the truth, the people who you think good are not good at all because most people have goodness which is their weakness. This weakness makes good people do wrong things and mistakes which are small at the beginning and then they transform into big mistakes or sins which turn them evil.”

“If you don’t act on your weaknesses, they take control over your life and turn it into a hell.”

Good people follow morals and values in their daily life but as time passes, they learn from the world that their morals and values don’t work much in real life. Some people still stick to their morals, and they suffer. Some people leave their morals and values and turn into bad people.

The reasons why good people are bad is:

They are abled than many: Good people have skills and patience, but they don’t take action in life and leave big things to the wrong people. Wrong people achieve success by doing big things in the wrong way.

It’s not their mistake. As there is less competition for big things, they choose to pursue them whereas good people stay silent without doing big things, which is why they are considered to be bad.

“It’s not the wrong people who do harm to this world. It’s the right people who stay silent without fighting against the wrong does more harm to this world.”

They want them to be known as good: They want everyone to know them as good for which they do everything. That everything includes bad things which make good people bad. Even though they know what is good they don’t do it all the time.

They follow the orders and requests of bad people and do wrong things too which is why they are bad in reality.

They wait for change: They wait for change that should happen in others, which won’t happen. They are the one who needs to change first.

They keep waiting, believing that others will change and therefore they stick to bad people in life but the painful truth is they turn into bad people like the ones they are spending their time with.

They give great attention to their fears: They feed their fears instead of fighting against bad. Good people think they may get into trouble and suffer so much. This fear makes them dwell and suffer.

Their fears are stronger than their confidence and convictions. This is why they are idle in their life.

They want to make everyone happy: They don’t want to hurt anyone, but they don’t know that they can’t make everyone happy. It’s true that you can’t make everyone happy in this world. If you are doing some good to someone you are doing bad to somebody else.

You can’t make everyone happy in this world. As you are trying to make everyone happy, you are becoming sad.

“Stop trying to make everyone happy. Do what is right, every time.”

They ignore risk: They fear risk and people who would laugh at them if they fail. They let their dreams die as they care about comfort and opinion of others more than the risk in life that could change their lives forever and bring happiness into life.

“Not taking a risk is the biggest risk.”

They act more and live less: They don’t want enmity with anyone and therefore they live acting more in life and they lose themselves and they lose interest in their lives.

They try to be good, even to bad people who just make use of these good people. These good people do wrong for the bad ones. This way they keep acting more in life than living more.

They want positivity: They expect good things from the world. They expect positive things and truth from the world where negativity and false filled more. Finally, they lose hope and self-control by realizing that the world is not full of positive and true people.

They are blind: They follow rules and regulations even though they aren’t proper and effective. They blindly follow everything as they believe in systems. They need to realize that not all systems are good. They follow beliefs which are old and outdated.

Instead, they have to break wrong systems, rules and regulations, if they want to make progress in life and grow into the right person.

They want to speak the truth: Even though they want to speak the truth, they won’t because of fear. Speaking truth is a good habit but their fear stops them and the same fear make them speak false in several instances.

They live someone else’s life: They care about others judgment and opinions because they are scared of losing people. They accept the judgment and false advice in several situations of their lives. They do things that lead to self-hatred. They listen to their friends, family and society noise who are actually failures and who did nothing great.

They tolerate shit: They accept everything in life that includes wrong and bad things that should not be tolerated at all. Even tolerance has some value and limits. You should not accept everything especially bad and wrong from anyone or anything.

As good people follow all these habits which affect them or others. They are considered to be bad. You may be wondering then how should we live without being good and bad. The answer is simple. Be right.

It doesn’t matter what you may go through. Be right all the time. This helps you stay in control and follow your ethics, morals and values. By being right, other people may suffer because of you and it’s alright. You need to remember that your right behaviour suffers bad people, not the right ones.

“Be right, do right and live right.”

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