What you give power dominates you?

“Life is a combination of two opposite things, and this is how it balances itself well. But distinct people choose distinct things. Some may choose good, and some may choose bad. The choice you make dominates your life and decides your future and happiness in it.”

Poem: “IN LIFE….”

1.In Life…

There is good and there is bad.
There is happiness and there is sadness.
There is love and there is hate
There is success and there is a failure.

2. In Life…

There is a pleasure and there is suffering
There is admiration and there is criticism
There is disturbance and there is calmness
There is fear and there is courage.

3. In Life…

There is wisdom and there is foolishness.
There is honesty and there is dishonesty
There is richness and there is poverty
There is right and there is wrong.

4. In Life…

There is strength and there is weakness
There is creation and there is destruction
There is kindness and there is cruelty
There is intelligence and there is foolishness.

5. In Life…

There is confusion and there is clarity
There is friendship and there is enmity
There is trust and there is scepticism
There is excitement and there is boredom.

6. In Life…

There is relish and there is disgust
There is empathy and there is sympathy
There is horror and there is delight
There is acceptance and there is rejection.

7. In Life…

There is achievement and there is regret
There is satisfaction and there is dissatisfaction
There is living and there is acting
There is hope and there is despair.

8. In Life…

There is desire and there is undesire
There is selfishness and there is generosity
There is anger and there is pacification
There is mystery and there is overtness.

9. In Life…

There is laugh and there is cry
There is imagination and there is reality
There is truth and there is false
There is life and there is death.

In human life, there are always two opposite things. But only one has the power to dominate your life. The one you give more importance gains power and consumes all your life.

There is good and bad in life. If you give more importance to good in life, Good dominates the bad in you and gets control over your life and turns you into a good person and if you give importance to bad. Bad dominates the good in your life and gets control over your life, turning you into bad.

There is happiness and sadness. If you give more importance to happiness in your life, Happiness dominates the sadness and makes you stay happy. if you give more importance to sadness, it dominates happiness giving you a sad life.

This applies to all the things in human life. The importance you give to different things matters a lot in human life. Give importance to the right things in human life that build you into a better person. Stop giving importance to wrong things that destroy your life.

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